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Strategy JQ


— Tom Correia, Managed Registry Services, Verisign Inc.

Dipping our toes into the social media pond was a very scary time for us initially - and continues to be a challenge because it's a space we don't normally live in - but Jane held our hands and guided us to get the best possible experience. With her understanding of emerging trends, new technology, experience in all things "social", and general geekiness (she probably has a pet name for her iPad) she's able to combine all these areas of expertise into a method for creating solid marketing strategies. It's rare that you can find a marketing person that is both strategic (big picture) and tactical (execution) so if you get the chance to work with Jane, jump at it.

How did SJQ work for you?

Without a doubt Jane and her team understand that social media has to be aligned with business objectives. She digs deep to find out what you are trying to accomplish and designs a social roadmap that delivers results.  Jane is well connected and put was able to secure a strong team of influencers to help us in both our social and PR efforts. Approachable and knowledgeable, I trust that Jane and her team go beyond the daily execution of social outreach and are thinking stategically on how to position Mobiata across the latest social channels. We are adopting a process of testing and learning and optimizing our campaigns each month. We were attracted to StategyJQ’s client list that bridged  large and small brands and we’ve been pleased with the results to date.

—Joanne Phillips, Marketing Manager, Mobiata

How to describe Jane Quigley? Smart. Savvy. Connected. She’s a geek in the most flattering sense of the word – yet she’s social. Jane approaches her profession and craft the way she approaches life: With tremendous energy, enthusiasm, curiosity and courage. She’s a new media evangelist with a No Fear mentality. She was exploring strategies on Second Life before most of us had found our way to social networking sites. Jane is passionate and professional, and for many of us a mentor, teacher and hero. She’s the whole package – plus fun!

— Allison Winfield, Strategic Marketing Executive

I worked with Jane on social media and developer outreach strategies for ooVoo where I was VP, Marketing. Jane was instrumental in educating our internal teams about what the developer audience was looking for and continually offered us new strategies to drive awareness with this audience. She is very technically knowledgeable and was extremely patient when explaining more complex ideas or the reasons behind her recommendations. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to execute on half of her great ideas due to internal issues and challenges but Jane never tired in her enthusiasm and efforts to help us. Her expertise isn’t just in the digital/social space – she also really gets product and user experience! She was a great listener and ally to me and I look forward to working with Jane again in the future!

—Lisa Abourezk, Strategic Marketing Executive


With experience grounded in real marketing both on the agency and client side, Jane has the rare ability to go from thinking strategically to executing using the resources at hand, without missing a beat. Technically, we worked together on one social media marketing engagement focused on helping the client with customer retention and demand generation and conversion through the integration of social media. When you work with Jane though, you have a colleague ready to support you without hesitation or ego, no matter the project. Another true test of character and professionalism is her ability to listen, guide, and consistently suggest novel approaches. I miss working with Jane — and I seek and welcome opportunities for an encore. She has the rare ability to help you see what you can achieve, and brings to bear her technical knowledge and experience in the social space to make it happen, with you. Call her today.

— Valeria Maltoni, Principal, Conversation Agent, LLC

Jane Quiqley was able to outline what options were available in social media, explaining in detail the pros and cons and implementing a plan that would be best for our business. All this was done in a cost effective one day seminar!

— Andrew Duke, President at Metrographics
Printing & Computer Services, Inc.

In any industry you have public personas and then you have the experts the personas rely on when they need help. Jane Quigley is the ultimate resource for effective digital marketing strategy, the one that all the big guns call.

—Geoff Livingston, Partner and Co-Founder, st Zoetica