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Strategy JQ

SJQ Assessment

You have an agency working on your social media.
We make sure your social media is actually working for your business.

StrategyJQ Social Strategy Assessment

Since 2005, we have had the opportunity to partner with literally hundreds of clients – from the world's biggest Fortune 100 brands to scrappy web startups, and everything in between – to deliver high impact social media strategies and business-building social media results. In doing this work, we have identified three key common challenges most likely to hurt a brand’s ability to achieve meaningful, measurable results from your social media marketing.

  • A lack of a coherent strategy that is grounded in your most important business objectives and seamlessly integrated into your overarching marketing strategy.
  • Failure to create the right balance between creating value for your customers and capturing value for your company.
  • An inability to execute flawlessly by taking a rigorous approach to planning, governance, standards and best practices.

We've found that your choice of partner can make a profound difference. But when everyone is an “expert” and your choices are as varied as upstart consultants with little to no formal marketing background and “we can do it all” agencies that make their real money from traditional advertising, who do you call?

Answer: The real experts.

StrategyJQ offers a Social Strategy Assessment solution designed specifically to help brand marketers assess whether their current social media plan is working as hard as it can work to deliver real business results – and whether your current social media agency or consultant is working as smart as they can work to provide the greatest value for your marketing dollar.

Unlike most social media consultants our leadership team brings more than 40 combined years’ experience in not only social but also in the fundamentals of traditional, digital and even direct marketing. And unlike most big agencies, social is all we do and we won’t assign our work to junior associates.

If you’re interested in learning whether your social media strategy – and your current social media partners – are as effective as they can be, contact us to discuss a Social Strategy Assessment for your company.

We Will:

  • Conduct discovery sessions with corporate and agency stakeholders
  • Review your social media strategy to ensure it delivers on your objectives
  • Conduct an unbiased third party audit of your social media ecosystem
  • Deliver actionable recommendations for optimizing your social plan

Your company spends a significant amount of budget working with social media agencies and consultants – it’s time to make sure that you are getting the most out of every dollar.

Jane Quigley

Jane Quigley is a marketing and business strategist with over 18 years experience working with a range of clients from technology startups to larger clients including Panasonic, Coca-Cola, AllState, AutoTrader and Verisign, and believes that social is not a budget item but strategic support of an overall marketing and business plan.

Greg Verdino is a highly regarded marketing futurist who has advised 49 of the Fortune 500. He is Founder & Principal Strategist of VERDINO LLC, a marketing and innovation consultancy that helps business leaders embrace and inspire change, find opportunity in new technology and business trends, and formulate bold strategies for transformational growth.

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