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Strategy JQ


It’s great to be a part of the social landscape, but is your company getting enough out of these social channels?

StrategyJQ will take a deep dive into the conversation topography surrounding your company, products and competitors and define the best direction that aligns with your business goals and budget.

Conversation is a great start, but how do you deepen those relationships?

Building a community around your company, products and services increases the connection between you and your customers. Users are looking (and expecting!) to engage with brands in meaningful, positive ways – they’re just looking for opportunity and guidance. Teaching your community on how and where to engage with you takes commitment and consistency – and pays off in deeper, actionable relationships with your customers.

Many agencies talk about “building an army of advocates” but don’t talk about the resources and price tag attached.

At StrategyJQ, we believe that the best advocacy programs are built upon real relationships. These are actionable relationships that are built on trust and real connection, as well as investment from both sides.

Services Include:

  • Strategic Services

    Strategic Services

    Do you have a social strategy that reflects your business goals? We’ll put together a social strategic framework that aligns with your overall business goals, defines your audience, looks at available resources and give you a yardstick to measure social opportunities against.

  • Competitive Baseline Report

    Competitive Baseline Report

    What are your competitors doing in the social space? We review and analyze your brand’s social presences and your defined competitors according to industry best practices and illustrate each case with appropriate case studies. This is a very comprehensive study that’s usually paired with a Conversation Baseline Report.

  • Conversation Baseline Report

    Conversation Baseline Report

    Ready to join the conversation? Using leading social technologies, StrategyJQ will develop an immersive, in-depth report detailing what your audience is talking about and where.

  • Content Strategy

    Content Strategy

    Sparking conversation takes a significant amount of planning. What is your audience interested to on each of the different social channels and how do you organically insert your company into the conversation? SJQ will build a strategy that includes the most relevant social channels, timeline, content buckets, and high-level examples that can be executed in a phased approach.

  • Social Hub Development

    Social Hub Development

    Social success is not about fan and follower count. StrategyJQ can develop your social presences according to industry best practices and create an engagement plan that builds social momentum and real brand awareness and advocacy.

  • Social Hub Management, Moderation and Reporting

    Social Hub Management, Moderation and Reporting

    Moderation and Reporting: SJQ can help staff and/or manage your social presences, moderate interaction and report on success, progress and opportunities. Monthly reports may include an overall presence analysis with recommendations for next steps, both short and long-term.

  • Social Media Policy Development

    Social Media Policy Development

    Your employees are all over the social web sharing their lives, and you should encourage their participation. Companies need to set firm guidelines as to what should be shared and how. Whether you’re in a regulated industry or are a small homegrown business, your employees need to know what you feel is appropriate to share across the social web.

  • Social Media Trainings

    Social Media Trainings

    Want to launch a social program but feel like you and your employees need more 101 knowledge? Maybe something more advanced? Immersed in social and want to keep up-to-date on the latest tools and trends? We have a number of trainings that span from a few hours to intensive, hands-on all-day events. We provide the materials and speakers, you provide the people, access and computers. Custom trainings are also available.

  • Advocate Program Development

    Advocate Program Development

    As in every SJQ engagement, we start with a strategy that is focused on your company’s business goals and objectives. Programs may range in size from small-scale programs of 3 to 15 people with minimum expectations, to large-scale programs that start at 50+ participants with intense inter-platform interaction. Each program is custom designed and based on measurable business goals and budget. You’ll receive a multi-level plan that may include:

    • An advocate strategy based on business objectives and budget, with targeted audience, resource needs, program guidelines, contracts, disclosure needs, outreach approach and program measurement/reporting index
    • A phased-approach Influencer List based on the validated strategy
    • An action plan with timelines and detailed relationship expectations and incentives
    • Program Training documents
    • Program Process documentation